Visiting Pilot Hawaii Adventure Flight

Time to exercise your FAA flying privileges Big Island style. Now you'll really have a great pilot lounge story to tell about the time you flew over a volcano! So let's get you behind the controls of a Cessna 172 and really see Hawaii from that vantage afforded pilots only.


Your options depend on your flight time experience.


Fly With Guide Pilot

We put you in the left seat with an experienced guide pilot/CFI who is familiar with Big Island air space. Limit distractions. Exchange controls. Enjoy the scenery-safely. This choice mandatory for pilots possessing 500 hours or less total time and/or no instrument rating.


Checkout and Go

Experienced enough to take the plane without an instructor on board? First take a brief checkride with a seasoned CFI who will verify your proficiency prior to signing you off in our 172. After that you're free to take your friends and family up for a flight. This option available only for pilots possessing more than 500 hours total time and a current instrument rating.


Bring your pilot's license, picture ID, and log book. We provide the airplane, headsets and fun.