The Big Island of Hawaii


Visitors of all kind set foot in Hawaii each day. Mysteriously, each island- Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Kauai, The Big Island- hold powers to attract their own kind. The bold, the wild who thrive on outdoor adventure take to the Big Island, where Nature's cycle of heart pounding forces collide, destroy, recreate, making it the most striking place to see- really see by air.

If you want to really experience Hawaii's raw essence with a rare sense of unbridled freedom, flying over the Big Island with Iolani Air Tour Co. is for you.


We call ourselves Iolani paying respect to the old Hawaiian name "Exalted Hawk". Two words joined together "Io" pronounced "ee-oh" is our native hawk and "Lani" means heaven. To see the advantageous Iolani flying overhead is a symbol of good fortune.


Now we simply invite you to soar over the Big Island of Hawaii on the wings of Iolani.